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Balance your life and your wallet with the help of Tiger Stripes.

Tiger Stripes was born out of a collective of growers in California and Michigan that share a common interest in Cannabis genetics and a passion for growing. The Tiger Stripes app aspires to help beginner/intermediate home growers gain insight into the health of their plants, appreciate Cannabis genetics, and understand the benefits of cultivating a healthy soil environment for plants. 

Tiger Stripes is an app that guides and teaches users how to grow their own Cannabis with the help of push notifications to inform the user when to complete tasks like watering and changing the light cycle. Additionally, the app provides helpful key terms and recommendations regarding usage of soil and equipment as needed for the season. User flow will be based on the user's starting point whether they are starting from seed or clone and will take a “green” or new grower on a fun journey from start to harvest with the user’s specific growing requirements in mind. Users have the option to consult with a Ganja Guru 24/7 if they have questions.


The mission of Tiger Stripes is to teach users how to grow a successful crop, bring the growing community together,  and enhance personal well-being by introducing a healthy hobby into their life. The act of gardening is said to increase serotonin levels in the brain and promote physical and mental balance. 


In 2021,  the Tiger Stripes prototype was created and tested with positive feedback. We received a wealth of helpful information from testers who have experience growing as well as experience in app development. All of the feedback we received was helpful; one tester mentioning, "This app will be groundbreaking for the cannabis industry." 


Now available on The App & Google Play Store.

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